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Your Lightwave Render Farm

Lightwave is one of the most renowned and widely used software in the 3D animation industry. It's easy to use and flexible animation software makes it appealing to anyone who wants to learn 3D modeling. The prominent use of Lightwave Renders Farm can be seen in the film, advertising, television, animation, games, etc. The rendering module of the 3D rendering module is based on radiosity and tracing, which makes its rendering quality unmatched. We have many powerful machines for massive storage and rendering; we can provide many servers according to customers' requirements. In this way, we strive to save a lot of rendering time that will be consumed in a project. Our technical team can customize the server configuration according to customers' requirements. Therefore, customers can spend more energy and time on artistic creation.

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Lightwave versions we have on the farm

Here is the list of Lightwave versions supported by Render4You

  • Lightwave  2023
  • Lightwave  2021
  • Lightwave  2020
  • Lightwave  2018
  • Lightwave  2015
  • request other version

Renderengines we support for all versions

Below is a list of the Lightwave compatible render engines that Render4You supports

Plugins we support for all versions

Below some of the plugins Render4You's Lightwave Render Farm does support.

Key features and benefits

Specific features supported by Render4You’s Lightwave Render Farm include:

  • Latest versions of Lightwave 2023, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2015
  • Support for all image formats
  • Full support for your own custom render settings
  • Rendering with Lightwave render engine
  • Rendering of frame sequences, single frames, areas (with step), and selected frames