3DS Max render farm: 3DS Max 2024.1 now supported by Render4You

Autodesk has announced the release of 3ds Max 2024.1, introducing several new features and improvements to its existing tools. At render4you 3DS Max render farm, we’re excited to support these latest enhancements.

The update includes significant enhancements to the Boolean Modifier, with a new caching method offering up to seven times faster loading of Boolean scenes. Additionally, the Boolean Modifier now fully supports smoothing groups, specified normals, and explicit normals that exist on input Boolean operands, effectively processing and including normal data in the result meshes created by the modifier.

The Array Modifier also receives considerable updates, including new Array By Element methods that provide users greater control over the arrangement of elements. Previously, if a source object had multiple elements and Array By Element was enabled, each element was randomly used as a clone. Now, two new Array By Element methods let you control how elements are arranged. A new ‘Variation’ parameter has been added, allowing users to adjust the angle of clones in phyllotactic spirals. Additionally, there are new parameters for the Phyllotaxis Distribution Method, offering more control over randomization.

One of the major user interface improvements in 3ds Max 2024.1 is the ability to create custom defaults through the context menus. This allows users to set user-defined default settings for many spinners, check boxes, radio buttons, text fields, drop-down menus, and colors.

For modelers and animators, there are updates to the Copy and Paste Animation commands, improving the workflow and enabling direct object or modifier parameter operations from the main UI or controllers in the Track View. The Smart Extrude workflow now includes polygon smoothing and better support for normals, enabling a more polished result.

Several updates to spline modeling have been introduced, aimed at providing a more fluid workflow. There are also significant performance enhancements to the VertexPaint Modifier, FFD Modifiers, and the Slate Material Editor.

Autodesk has included multiple improvements to the physical camera, color management, and customizable scrollbar sizes. The Autodesk Translation Framework (ATF) importer now supports NX 2212, SolidEdge 2023, and SolidWorks 2023.

Lastly, the release ships with MAXtoA for Arnold, introducing an updated AOV manager, automatic Cryptomatte setup, and the ability to set Crypto Asset tags on objects.

At render4you renderfarm, we are committed to providing top-tier rendering solutions to support these cutting-edge features and enhancements in 3ds Max 2024.1.