3DS Max render farm: 3DS Max 2024.2 now supported by Render4You

Autodesk has released 3ds Max 2024.2, introducing a range of new features and workflow enhancements. At render4you renderfarm, we’re excited to support these latest advancements.

The update includes significant enhancements to the Boolean Modifier, offering better sub-operand manipulation, enhanced performance, OpenVDB processing, and various bug fixes, resulting in more robust and faster Boolean operations. The Assign Controller Rollout has been modernized to provide animators with more efficient ways to work, streamlining the animation process.

The revamped Retopology tool, featuring the updated Autodesk ReForm, boosts processing times by up to 30%, significantly accelerating modeling workflows. Additionally, the new Conform Modifier allows the projection of objects onto other surfaces using methods like Shrink Wrap and Volume, expanding creative possibilities.

Enhanced Universal Scene Description (USD) support in the USD for 3ds Max 0.5 Plug-in facilitates seamless integration with existing workflows. A new option in the Snap Options, Spline Shape Angle Constraint, aids in more precise line and object creation.

Advanced color management has moved out of the Technology Preview phase, with OCIO-based color management now enabling end-to-end color-managed workflows. The Data Channel Modifier has also been updated with new presets, expression engines, and a Maxscript Process Operator, improving usability.

Volume Select Modifier improvements offer significant performance enhancement, with new capabilities to animate Material ID and Sm. Group values. The update also reduces scene file sizes by eliminating empty Animation Layers, Note Tracks, and Note keys.

List Controller UI updates include new Append and Assign options in the Transform List, along with an updated context menu to improve animation workflow. Controller context menu enhancements now include new options such as Open Controller Properties.

The Expression Controller UI update ensures the Assign to Controller button now works with Vector variables. Track View Script Controller updates improve playback speed by up to 2x. Scripting Editor enhancements include improved word highlighting features.

Asset Tracker now ensures network path integrity, while Motion Trails and Spline End Cap Material ID improvements enhance the work with splines and motion paths. The Unwrap UVW Modifier has been updated to respect current UV selections.

A new parameter in the Camera Map Modifier allows for better handling of animated cameras. Improvements in importers and Biped experience, along with fixes and documentation for CAT Muscles mirroring issues, enhance the overall user experience.

Modifier performance improvements include speed enhancements in XForm, Relax, and Push modifiers. FBX and Arnold updates feature the FBX 2020.3.4 plug-in and MAXtoA for Arnold

The default viewport layout now shifts to a single Perspective view. OpenImageIO library updates to version include enhanced OSL file capabilities.

At render4you 3DS Max render farm, we are committed to providing top-tier rendering solutions and are thrilled to support the cutting-edge features and enhancements in 3ds Max 2024.2.