3DS Max render farm: 3DS Max 2024.2.1 now supported by Render4You

Autodesk has released 3ds Max 2024.2.1, featuring several new tools and performance enhancements. At render4you 3DS Max render farm, we're excited about the new features and improvements this update brings. Key updates include:

Conform Modifier: A replacement for the older conform space warp, this new modifier offers faster geometry processing using Embree technology. It supports various projection methods such as Shrink Wrap and Volume, significantly broadening creative possibilities and allowing real-time performance for objects with millions of faces.

Boolean Modifier Enhancements: The update introduces better sub-operand manipulation, enhanced performance with a 35% boost, improved handling of coplanar faces, and support for hollow meshes with OpenVDB. These improvements result in more reliable fractures and overall better performance when using Boolean operations.

Data Channel Modifier Updates: New features include a Maxscript Process Operator and an expression engine for creating custom functions. Additionally, new presets have been added, such as Explode Elements, Map to Soft Selection, Random Elements Color, and Smooth Push.

Retopology Enhancements: The Retopology tools have been updated to version 14.0.3, offering a 30% improvement in processing times and a higher success rate, which accelerates modeling workflows.

Spline Enhancements: New Snap Angle Creation options allow users to define custom angle constraints, aiding in more precise line and object creation. The default snap angle is set to 15 degrees but can be customized or turned off.

Performance Improvements: Significant performance boosts have been achieved across various tools. Volume Select shows improvements between 100% to 15,000%, with modifiers like Push, Relax, Xform, and Boolean seeing up to 850% faster performance. The Motion Panel has been converted to QT, improving its responsiveness and usability, especially with large scenes.

Animation and Scripting Updates: The Motion Panel now stretches to the full command panel length, showing the entire track tree view and allowing easier navigation and controller management. Biped and CAT received numerous fixes and updates, improving their usability and performance. The scripting editor has also seen enhancements, such as improved word highlighting and better script controller performance.

Materials, Color Management, and Rendering: The OCIO-based color management system has moved out of the Technology Preview phase, enabling end-to-end color-managed workflows. Users can now export and import OCIO rules and manually enter HEX code values in the color picker. Arnold has been updated to version, offering improved interactivity with large scenes and better efficiency for global light sampling with indirect lighting.

Additional Improvements: Updates to the Unwrap UVW Modifier, including improved tools that respect current UV selections, and a new Camera Map Modifier parameter for better handling of animated cameras. The Autodesk Translation Framework (ATF) importer now supports NX 2212, SolidEdge 2023, and SolidWorks 2023, further enhancing file compatibility and import options.

These updates collectively enhance the functionality, performance, and user experience of 3ds Max 2024.2.1, catering to the needs of modelers, animators, and other 3D artists.