3DS Max render farm: 3DS Max 2025.1 now supported by Render4You

Autodesk has announced 3ds Max 2025.1, just a few months after the initial Max 2025 release. At render4you 3DS Max render farm, we're excited about the new features and improvements this update brings.

The Array Modifier has received updates for faster processing, with speeds up to 250% quicker depending on the complexity of the geometry used. Additionally, animatable random number seeds have been included.

The Boolean Modifier now offers improved volume-based meshing. The Voxel Size adjustment has become more precise, with a minimum value of 0.001 and dynamic warnings for low values. A new abort mechanism using the ESC key has been added to interrupt processing, which is particularly useful for long or unintended operations.

The Paint Weights tool now includes new parameters for better control when using Shift + Alt to brush skin weights, addressing previous issues of oversensitivity.

A new OSL shader, Turbulent Color Noise, has been added. This shader can create effects such as oil slicks and can also be used to drive custom ramps with its Float output.

The update also includes MAXtoA, featuring Arnold Enhancements include updated denoising with Intel Open Image Denoise, improved MaterialX and OCIO support, and API support for viewport display of procedural curves. The Arnold RenderView has been updated with new snapshot functionality and is now dockable by default. The Intel Open Image Denoise has been updated to version 2.2.2, offering better performance and handling of high-frequency details. Additional enhancements include improvements in light linking on custom procedurals, tooltips for Arnold nodes in USD, and support for Substance 3D Connector technology.

Color management has been improved with better handling of the Hue/Blackness box and Whiteness slider in the Color Selector dialog, and respect for color management settings after file resets. The update also includes maxscript support for the Skin Modifier, enabling easier switching between painting mode and bone selection, and an update to Python 3.11.8, which includes many security fixes.

At render4you renderfarm, we're committed to providing the best rendering solutions and are thrilled to support 3ds Max 2025.1's latest enhancements.