AXYZ Anima render farm supports now 2.6.2

We fully support AXYZ Anima latest version of Anima, a powerful crowd simulation tool kit. Its available for all major 3D software systems like 3DS Max or Cinema4D. If you need any assistance getting your project rendered in time just let us know. We provide you the support you need.

ANIMA 2.6.2 is Here! Faster Performance, Easier Workflow, and More!

Enhanced Workflow:

  •     Independent Scene Control: Both the 3DS Max and Cinema 4D plugins now allow you to set individual "Playback Speed" and "Time Offset" values for each scene, giving you finer control over your animations.

Performance Boost:

  •     Speed Up Your Workflow: ANIMA 2.6.2 delivers significant performance improvements, especially when working with large scenes. Calculations and viewport updates are now faster, keeping your workflow smooth and efficient.

Bug Fixes:

  •     Export/Import Made Easy: We've fixed issues that were causing problems with exporting and importing large projects. The "Export Pack" feature now correctly includes all used assets, and the "Import Pack" feature ensures seamless project import.

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