AXYZ Anima render farm supports now 5.1.0

AXYZ Anima render farm supports now 5.1.0

We added the latest release of AXYZ Anima crowd plugin to our farm.

New Features:

    anima: Duplicate and Modify: Users can now duplicate and modify subscription assets in their projects. Duplicated assets can be edited while the original asset remains installed for continued use.
    anima: Animated Thumbnails: Online store assets now feature animated thumbnails. Hover over an asset to preview a short animation, enhancing the understanding of the product's animation.
    anima: Thumbnail Size Selection: The actor panel now allows users to select thumbnail sizes. Right-click to choose a size or use the Control key and Mouse wheel for adjustments.
    anima: Integrated Search Engine: The online store's search engine is now integrated into the actor panel, providing search suggestions to facilitate asset discovery.
    anima: Teleportation Time Configuration: Users can configure the time it takes for actors to be teleported to the start of a path using the new reset time slider.
    anima: Password Visibility Toggle: The sign-in dialog includes a new toggle to show or hide the user's password for error-checking during input.
    anima Plugins: Access Error Indicator: Plugins now display a special model indicating an access error when reading from 4D resources if the project source is unreachable, aiding in diagnosing networking-related rendering errors.
    anima Plugins: Project Packing Performance: Improved performance by skipping unnecessary duplication of the resource cache during project preparation for render farms.
    anima Commandline License: Additional information added to the device list function for command line license.
    3ds Max Plugin: Duplicated drop characters can now be a copy instead of an instance and can be converted to anima scene.
    3ds Max Plugin: Enhanced compatibility of 4D models with Chaos Vantage (V-Ray 6.10.06 or newer required).
    3ds Max Plugin: Added support for 3dsMax 2024.
    Maya Plugin: Added support for Maya 2024.

Bug Fixes:

    anima: Activation Prompt: Corrected an issue where the application will correctly offer to activate an anima all subscription when signing in again if the message was ignored before.
    anima: Slider Editing: Fixed a small issue where it was not possible to edit sliders with double markers under certain conditions.
    anima: Tall Chair Functionality: Fixed various regressions regarding tall chair functionality compared to the previous version.
    anima: IK Lag Issue: Fixed an error where the IK would lag behind incorrectly on shorter actors like children when running.
    anima: Background Properties: Fixed a crash when attempting to change a background’s properties while another scene without a background was open.
    anima: Baked Scene Crashes: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when unlocking certain baked scenes under specific conditions.
    anima: Preview Playback Crash: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when playing back a scene and recording a preview until the very end.
    anima: Rigged Actors Issue: Fixed an error where rigged actors would tend to look too much at one side while walking.
    anima: Incorrect Directory Creation: Fixed an error where an anima directory would be created in the documents directory even if the configuration for the default project and purchases path has already been defined.
    anima: Bake Scene Update: Fixed an error where applying bake to one scene would not correctly update the project tree if multiple scenes were open.
    anima: Negative Range Crash: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when trying to move the timeline of a 4D asset being played back in library mode into the negative range.
    anima: Multiple Templates Crash: Fixed a very rare crash that could occur when dropping multiple templates into the viewport due to undefined behavior of the project tree view.
    anima: D3D9 Preview Issue: Fixed the actor preview looking corrupted in D3D9 when the asset is locked due to an offline subscription.
    anima: Simulator Threads Configuration: Fixed an issue where the CPU thread counts for the simulator would not default to the correct value on the first configuration, causing reduced performance. Users are advised to review their simulator threads configuration.
    anima Render Node: Purchases Path Indexing: Fixed an error where the purchases path would not be indexed correctly on render nodes.
    anima Render Node: Configuration Directory Creation: Fixed an error when attempting to create the configuration directory on the new AppData path for the render node and render node manager applications.
    anima Render Node: Organization Name Usage: Fixed an error in creating the configuration directory on the new AppData path where the organization name would be used incorrectly.
    animaDrop: Purchase Crash: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when downloading actors purchased from the store directly.
    3ds Max Plugin: Better performance when 4D character textures are shown as yellow textures in the viewports (colored texture).
    3ds Max Plugin: Fixed character drop issues when multiple projects were opened on a single session.
    3ds Max Plugin: Fixed support for 3dsmaxbatch.exe.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Fixed issues when the anima import object is not the first object on the library tree.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Fixed rendering issues when 4D character textures are not shown in the viewport.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Fixed a wrong error message in animaDrop when no actor is selected.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Fixed Redshift masked materials.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Fixed a problem with the transforms of the actors when converting Drop models to anima scene.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Fixed the support of rendering when the main software is in a separate thread and window.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Fixed a rare case where the 4D texture was not updated properly if the character was shown as an arrow in the viewport.

Known Issues:

    anima and Unreal Engine Plugins: Black textures on 4D models indicate an outdated GPU driver. Updating the driver resolves this issue.
    3ds Max Plugin: Cosmetic deformation artifacts may appear on 4D models in the 3D viewport when using the IPR on multiple renderers. This doesn't affect the final render and is automatically corrected when the IPR stops.
    3ds Max Plugin (Corona): Cosmetic deformation issue in the interactive render due to a bug on the Corona side, planned to be fixed in a future version.
    3ds Max Plugin (Redshift): After an interactive render, the mesh on 4D models may become unstable in Redshift. This can be fixed by rendering a production render, and the issue has been reported to Redshift developers.
    3ds Max Plugin (Corona): Using Maxscript MacroRecorder with Corona in interactive mode and 4D models may cause a crash. The issue has been reported to ChaosGroup.
    3ds Max Plugin (MentalRay/iRay): Walking models appear as walking in place. Support for these renderers was discontinued since version 5.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: 4D models can't be used with Motion Blur on Cinema4D due to an architecture incompatibility. V-Ray may render corrupted meshes with Motion Blur. Version R26 may freeze in specific scenarios.
    Maya Plugin: The supported renderers are Arnold, Redshift, and V-ray. V-ray renderer does not support motion blur on 4D models. The viewport must be set in DG Evaluation mode for correct model animations.
    Unreal Engine Plugin (4.27): Textures of 4D models might disappear when using the STANDALONE GAME feature. This retro-compatibility bug introduced by Epic can be fixed by recompiling and resaving the base material.
    Unreal Engine Plugin: Installer may not detect Unreal Engine 5.2 or newer root path due to registry changes by Epic. Manual selection in anima installer may be required.

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