AXYZ Anima render farm supports now 5.2.0

AXYZ Anima render farm supports now 5.2.0

We added the latest release of AXYZ Anima crowd plugin to our farm.

New Features:

    Pixotope Plugin: Now supports the Pixotope virtual production package.
    3ds Max Plugin: Significant performance enhancements during material rebuilding in very large scenes.
    3ds Max Plugin: Improved handling of V-Ray and Arnold materials.
    Unreal Engine Plugin: Added support for versions UE 5.2 and UE 5.3.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Added support for C4D 2024.
    Maya Plugin: Integrated support for 2024 in the command-line deployment tool.

Bug Fixes:

    anima: Resolved issues within the bone matcher tool.
    anima: Addressed a crash occurring when using alive™.
    anima: Mitigated a potential crash during the interface redraw of the root object.
    3ds Max Plugin: Fixed an issue preventing users from creating a drop scene more than once within the same project.
    3ds Max Plugin: Resolved a crash that occurs when opening a scene via the command line.
    3ds Max Plugin: Addressed issues experienced when canceling the drop in Max using any button other than the right mouse button.
    3ds Max Plugin: Fixed issues occurring when Drop models are downloaded and dropped into Max simultaneously.
    3ds Max Plugin: Corrected the application of material conversion to non-loaded drop characters.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Resolved issues with using dropped characters that share the same model but are in different phases.
    Cinema 4D Plugin: Fixed a potential crash when loading a C4D file that contains an aniproj that has been modified externally.
    Unreal Engine Plugin: Fixed a potential crash that may occur when reimporting the same scene.

Known Issues:

    anima and Unreal Engine Plugins: Black textures on 4D models indicate an outdated GPU driver. Updating the driver resolves this issue.
    anima Render Node: Edited actors may appear as "Missing Actors" when rendered from Render Node installations.
    3ds Max Plugin: IPR issues with 4D models' deformations in the 3D viewport, but this doesn't affect the final render. Similar issues in Corona and Redshift reported to respective developers.
    3ds Max Plugin: Using Corona in interactive mode with 4D models and MacroRecorder enabled may cause a crash. Reported issue specific to Corona.
    Cinema4D Plugin: 4D models can't be used with Motion Blur due to an architecture incompatibility. V-Ray may render corrupted meshes with Motion Blur.
    Cinema4D Plugin: Version R26 may freeze when using 4D models in the interactive live-view window. Possibly a Redshift/C4D bug fixed in newer versions.
    Maya Plugin: Supported renderers are Arnold, Redshift, and V-ray. V-ray doesn't support motion blur on 4D models.
    Maya Plugin: Viewport must be set in DG Evaluation mode for correct model animations.
    Unreal Engine Plugin: In version 4.27, textures on 4D models might disappear when using the STANDALONE GAME feature. Retro-compatibility bug introduced by Epic, fixable by recompiling base material.
    Unreal Engine Plugin: Installer may not detect Unreal Engine 5.2 or newer root path. Manual selection in anima installer needed.

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