Blender Render Farm: Delivering Excellence with Blender 2.73

Render4you now supports Blender GPU Cycles rendering

The Blender Foundation, along with its dedicated developer community, has released Blender 2.73, bringing exciting new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes to your 3D modeling experience. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, this update offers something valuable for everyone.

Highlights of Blender 2.73:

  •     Enhanced Cycles Rendering: Experience improved performance and a smoother workflow with several updates and new features in Cycles, Blender's powerful ray-tracing engine.
  •     GeForce 9xx GPU Support: Unleash the potential of your new graphics card with full support for Nvidia's latest GeForce 9xx series GPUs.
  •     Immersive Fullscreen Mode: Work efficiently with a revamped fullscreen mode that hides interface elements, maximizing your viewport and enhancing focus.
  •     Improved Pie Menus: Navigate your tools with greater ease and speed thanks to streamlined and customizable Pie Menus.
  •     World Background in 3D View: Visualize your scene in context with the ability to display the world background directly in the 3D Viewport.
  •     Creative Knife Tool Enhancements: Explore innovative possibilities with the Knife tool's new freehand smart cuts, empowering you to create intricate shapes effortlessly.
  •     Selection and Modification Tools Overhaul: Enjoy improved selection tools, a more versatile Bevel Modifier, and enhanced Shapekeys for precise and intuitive object manipulation.
  •     Streamlined UV Unwrapping: Unwrap your models with greater ease and control thanks to a simplified unwrap method.
  •     Painting with Masks Enhanced: Gain valuable visual feedback while painting with masks through a new and improved feedback mode.
  •     Sequencer Gets a Backdrop: Organize your animation timeline more effectively with the addition of a customizable backdrop in the Sequencer.
  •     Freestyle NPR Rendering Advancements: Export your stylized renders in SVG format with the new Freestyle NPR Rendering add-on, and benefit from various optimizations.
  •     Grease Pencil Animation: Animate your 2D drawings directly within Blender! This major update to Grease Pencil opens up exciting possibilities for animation storytelling.
  •     Improved Collada Import: Experience better compatibility with other 3D software thanks to an updated Collada importer that handles bone concepts more accurately.
  •     FBX Import/Export Enhancements: Import and export armatures with greater ease and precision through improvements in the FBX add-on.
  •     Numerous Other Tweaks and Fixes: Enjoy a multitude of minor updates, improvements, and bug fixes that further refine your Blender experience.

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