Blender Render Farm: Empowering Digital Artists with Blender 2.72b

Render4you now supports Blender GPU Cycles rendering

Empowering Digital Artists with Blender 2.72b

Get ready to explore new ways to create stunning visuals with Blender 2.72, released in October 2014! The Blender Foundation and its dedicated developer community have packed this update with powerful tools and improvements, empowering both veteran artists and beginners alike.

Here are some highlights you won't want to miss:

  •     Enhanced Realism with Cycles GPU: Achieve even more realistic renders with the addition of Volume and Subsurface Scattering support in Cycles GPU rendering. This unlocks deeper control over light interactions within your scenes, adding incredible depth and detail.
  •     Boost Your Workflow with Pie Menus: Tired of navigating through lengthy menus? Now, you have the option to activate handy Pie Menus for faster access to commonly used tools. Customize them to your preferences and work with greater efficiency.
  •     Precise Intersection Control: Editing complex models just got easier thanks to the new intersection tool in Edit Mode. This allows you to quickly identify and adjust intersecting faces, leading to cleaner and more accurate geometry.
  •     Painting Made Smooth: Streamline your texture painting workflow with easy access to both painted images and UV layers. Switch between them seamlessly and visualize your edits in real-time, saving you time and effort.
  •     Harness the Power of the Sun: Add dramatic lighting effects to your compositions with the new Sun Beam node in the Compositor. Create dazzling sun rays, shafts of light, and other atmospheric elements to enhance your scene's mood and realism.
  •     Freestyle Goes Cycles: Now you can leverage the expressive power of Freestyle Non-Photorealistic Rendering alongside Cycles rendering! This opens up exciting possibilities for stylized visuals with added depth and detail.
  •     Expand Your Toolkit with Addons: Blender 2.72a brings three new addons to the table, offering even more functionality and customization options. Explore possibilities and tailor your creative process to your unique needs.

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