Corona Render Farm: Now supporting Corona 10

Render4you Corona render farm supporting now Corona 10

Corona 10: Streamline Your Workflow, Fuel Your Creativity

The wait is over! Chaos Corona 10 has arrived, bringing a wave of exciting enhancements to both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D users. Get ready to experience streamlined workflows, enhanced rendering power, and a plethora of creative possibilities.

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

  •     Effortless Clearcoat & Sheen: Achieve realistic material effects like car paint or polished surfaces with the new Physical Material's Clearcoat and Sheen options. No more complex setups, just stunning visuals with ease.
  •     Sky's the Limit with Corona Sky: Create breathtaking aerial effects with intuitive controls for horizon blur, sun intensity, and even custom sky textures. Add realism and depth to your outdoor scenes in an instant.
  •     Material Library at Your Fingertips: Access a vast collection of high-quality materials directly within your workflow with the integrated Corona Material Library. Save time searching and start creating faster.
  •     Render Fire & Smoke Like a Pro: Import and render OpenVDB files seamlessly, bringing realistic simulations of fire, smoke, and other volumetric effects into your renders.
  •     Faster Rendering, Smoother Workflow: Enjoy performance improvements across the board, from faster render times to a more responsive user interface. Focus on your art, not technical hurdles.
  •     And so much more: From improved volume scattering to enhanced hair rendering, Corona 10 is packed with additional features and refinements to elevate your rendering journey.

You can use Corona with 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

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