Corona Render Farm: Now supporting Corona 11

Render4you Corona render farm supporting now Corona 11

Unleash Stunning Renders with Corona 11: Powerful Updates for 3ds Max & Cinema 4D

Get ready to elevate your rendering game with Corona 11, the latest update to your favorite renderer for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D! Packed with exciting new features and performance enhancements, Corona 11 empowers you to create even more realistic and jaw-dropping visuals.

Here are some highlights to spark your creativity:

  •     Seamless Textures with Corona Tile Map: Craft realistic and continuous textures for floors, walls, and more with effortless mapping capabilities. Say goodbye to repetitive patterns and hello to seamless immersion.
  •     Precise Placement with Scatter Altitude: Control the distribution of scattered objects like trees and vegetation with newfound precision. Define upper and lower altitude limits to achieve natural and realistic placements within your scene.
  •     Unleash AI Denoising Power: Experience significantly reduced noise in your renders with the integration of Intel's Denoiser. Enjoy the benefits of both CPU and NVIDIA GPU rendering for accelerated, noise-free results.
  •     Industry-Standard Color Management: Embrace professional color workflows with OCIO integration in both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. Ensure consistent and accurate color representation throughout your pipeline.
  •     Streamlined Cinema 4D Lister: Organize and manage your objects and materials with ease thanks to the improved Lister interface. Find what you need faster and keep your workflow flowing smoothly.
  •     Plus, a treasure trove of additional improvements and bug fixes: From enhanced performance optimizations to user-friendly interface tweaks, Corona 11 polishes your workflow and empowers you to focus on creativity.

You can use Corona with 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

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