Corona Render Farm: Now supporting Corona Alpha 7.2 for 3DS Max and Alpha 1.2 for Cinema 4D

A quick bug fix update for Corona Renderer Alpha v7, available now! This update addresses several key issues identified since the initial release, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience.

What's changed?

While primarily focused on bug fixes, Alpha v7.1 remains fully compatible with Alpha v7. You can seamlessly update without worrying about losing compatibility with existing projects.

Here's whats fixed:

  •     Proxy Exporter Script: Resolved an issue where multiple entries for "Corona_proxy_exporter" appeared in the viewport's right-click menu (quad menu). After updating, simply head to Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Quads. You can either manually remove these entries or opt for a "Reset".
  •     Shadow Catcher: The "Use enviro color mapping" option within the shadow catcher now maps the environment correctly, eliminating incorrect projections.
  •     Render Region: Previously, only a portion of the image was copied/saved when using the render region. This issue has been resolved, ensuring your entire render region is captured correctly.
  •     Cylindrical/Spherical Cameras: Photographic exposure is now functional for both cylindrical and spherical cameras, providing accurate control over your image's brightness.
  •     CoronaLights Copying: A crash that occurred when copying targeted CoronaLights into multiple copies has been fixed, allowing smooth duplication.
  •     Proxy Creation: Another crash triggered by clicking the "From scene" button for proxy creation before the object existed in the scene has been addressed, ensuring a stable workflow.

You can use Corona with 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

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