Redshift render farm support for 2.6.41

Render4you Redshift render farm support for 2.6.41

Render4you Redshift Render Farm has rolled out an update, bringing its Redshift version up to 2.6.41

Please be aware that all tasks utilizing Redshift release 2 will now be using version 2.6.41. If you require a different version for your specific needs, we are happy to provide you with a custom version.6

Summary of the updates

For Maya:

  • Improved performance of IPR mode.
  • Improved performance when rendering objects with motion blur.
  • Fixed an issue where post effects should be applied outside of the Region Render area.
  • Fixed an issue where Batch Rendering resolution wouldn't match render layer override resolution.
  • Fixed multiple issues with high DPI scaling.
  • Fixed an issue where the Per Particle Reference attribute would cause a crash if the Particle object was empty.
  • Fixed an issue where instancer objects could significantly slow down IPR mode with motion blur disabled.
  • Fixed a bug with file output of utility buffers for Altus 1-pass.

For 3ds Max:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.6.39 where modifying lights during IPR could cause incorrect renders or crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where block indicators on 3ds Max buffers can spill outside the region being rendered.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause IPR to update endlessly when rendering with an animated camera and motion blur.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause IPR to update when moving the mouse over the viewport in scenes with instanced target lights.
  • Fixed a bug where IPR would restart a completed render after rendering a shaderball for material not used in the scene.
  • Fixed a bug that excluded right and bottom edges of a region when rendering with Render View region box.
  • Fixed a bug where displacement shaders were not applied when inside a shader graph rooted at RS Ray Switch Material or RS Store Color To AOV.
  • Fixed an issue that could raise an exception in Forest Pack 5.4 with older versions of 3ds Max when scattering volume grids.
  • Fixed issue where choosing a new IES light profile did not start in the directory containing the current profile.
  • Fixed errors displaying viewport guides and shading previews for spot lights.
  • Improved UI responsiveness in Material Editor while rendering shaderballs.
  • Added Proxy Export option "Transform Pivot to Origin," available when exporting a single item.
  • Added output directory shortcut buttons to Proxy Export dialog.
  • Potential fix for degraded viewport performance on scenes with instanced target lights.
  • Updated bundled scene converter script to version 0.29.
  • Added plugin options rollout (Render Setup > System > Local Plugin Options) for settings that persist across 3ds Max sessions, including adjustments for Render View UI on high DPI displays, restoring previous Render View window position, and compensating for borderless windows when fitting Render View to a display (Windows 10).
  • Volume grids scattered by Forest Pack now show correct bounding boxes in the viewport.
  • Added log messages to assist with finding spurious IPR refreshes.

For Cinema 4D:

  • Addressed an issue where deleting an object referenced as a custom particle object would not always update the object distribution.
  • Addressed an issue where an incorrect RenderView color scheme was used under certain conditions.
  • Addressed an issue where Multi-Instances from cloners could use inconsistent MoGraph attributes under certain conditions.
  • Changed PostEffect behavior to allow all effects except Bloom, Flare, and Streak in region renders.

For Houdini:

  • Fixed a crash in the bgeo instancefile instancing.
  • Addressed the behavior of additional beauty AOVs to render them by default without configuring them as remainder.
  • Addressed issues found with RenderView OCIO file UNC paths.
  • The camera selected in the RenderView can now be updated from the viewports when it is locked.
  • Fixed the flickering of some RenderView buttons while updating the scene view or parameters.
  • Added the light group feature to the RS Portal lights.

For Katana:

  • Addressed the behavior of additional beauty AOVs to render them by default without configuring them as remainder.

For RenderView:

  • Fixed an issue where some of the PostFX values' default values were not correct.
  • Fixed a crash that occasionally happened when the Pixel Sampler was near the edge of the frame buffer.
  • Fixed a potential crash when restoring snapshot images.

General Improvements and Fixes (All):

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.6.28 that forced global volume height fog to appear fully fogged when looking at the environment through the fog plane.
  • Added 'Spread' option to Portal lights.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.6.39 that could cause a crash when exporting embedded volumes in proxies.
  • Fixed a bug where tessellation would produce wrong results on meshes using more than 2 deformation steps.

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