Redshift render farm support for 3.0.50

Render4you Redshift render farm support for 3.0.50

Render4you Redshift Render Farm has rolled out an update, bringing its Redshift version up to 3.0.50.

Please be aware that all tasks utilizing Redshift release 3 will now be using version 3.0.50. If you require a different version for your specific needs, we are happy to provide you with a custom version.

For Redshift 2 the latest release version 2.6.56 is used.

Summary of the updates

For Maya:

  • Legacy scene upgrading now occurs after Maya loads its color management settings from the scene file.
  • Legacy OCIO scenes with an empty "clrMgmtDisplayMode" attribute no longer reset the color management settings.
  • Handling undeleting nodes with inherited invisibility correctly.
  • Exporting MASH instancers now properly handles dependent proxy mesh nodes.
  • Mesh instances using the same mesh shape as a light mesh (automatically non-visible) are now handled correctly.
  • Added support for the "Enable legacy black body and dispersion technique" option.
  • Correct handling of old legacy render layers.
  • Fixed issues with intervening nodes between a proxy node and its placeholder mesh node.
  • Cached particle instancing now renders correctly.
  • Proper identification of referenced scenes and corresponding creation of OSL shader nodes.
  • Fixed visibility issues with specific instances and MASH instancers along with their associated instance/template meshes.

For 3ds Max:

  • Utilizing GPU rendering of PostFX when outputting to a file.
  • Resolving crashes and corrupt previews when enabling viewport preview for RS Bitmap.
  • Fixes in the Redshift Color Picker, including behavior when pressing Cancel or Close and changes not getting pushed onto the Undo stack.
  • Correct application of default color management settings at startup.
  • Handling the Use OCIO File Rules setting correctly.
  • Applying color management for PostFX and RV when disabled, unless Apply to File Output is also disabled.
  • Ensuring that custom gamma associated with input color space is not disabled when using Auto color space.

For Cinema 4D (C4D):

  • Addressing a crash when disabling a Sun light connected to a Sky object.

For Houdini:

  • Added support for Houdini 18.5.633 and dropped support for 18.5.532.
  • Added support for photographic exposure, postfx, and color correction to render maps baking.
  • Fixed sync problems between the RenderView and camera nodes' OCIO parameters.
  • Addressed the computation of normals for strands objects when the N attribute is not available in the curves.

For Hydra:

  • Added support for Solaris 18.5.633 and dropped support for 18.5.532.
  • Added support for focal length motion blur.
  • Added support for visibility and matte flags at the instance level.
  • Fixed a crash related to viewports denoising.
  • Fixed a crash related to instances primvars extraction.

For Katana:

  • Updated the instance arrays feature to support multiple shapes from a single location group.
  • Addressed issues while instancing non-group parent types like "representation."

For RenderView:

  • Fixed an issue where multi-part EXRs would not load AOVs correctly.

For Command Line (CL):

  • Fixed a bug in redshiftCmdLine where selected compute devices from preferences.xml were not properly honored.

For Metal (macOS):

  • Added a workaround for rare Metal SSS-related asserts.

General (All Supported Software):

  • Fixed a bug that could cause random GPU crashes when rendering shader balls with the OptiX denoiser enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that could make the OCIO display/view transform compute incorrect colors with high-intensity colors.
  • Fixed a bug that could make mesh lights produce noisy results on surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug that would knock out mesh light single scattering when GI is enabled.
  • Added a new legacy global option for black body and dispersion techniques.
  • Ensured that dispersion wavelength colors and IOR are physically correct.
  • Corrected black body color (light temperature) to be physically correct.
  • Fixed various bugs related to dispersion and dispersion caustics, such as incorrect nested dielectrics and 'pink' color distortion.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in incorrect internal shadows for thin-walled objects.

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