Redshift render farm support for 3.0.66

Render4you Redshift render farm support for 3.0.66

Render4you Redshift Render Farm has rolled out an update, bringing its Redshift version up to 3.0.66.

Please be aware that all tasks utilizing Redshift release 3 will now be using version 3.0.66. If you require a different version for your specific needs, we are happy to provide you with a custom version.

For Redshift 2 the latest release version 2.6.56 is used.

Summary of the updates

  • Maya:

  • Overscan values are scaled appropriately when using Render View's Fixed Scaling option.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in strand width being ignored for Ornatrix hair systems.
  • 3ds Max:

  • Scene Archive now handles Proxies, Volume Grids, IES lights, and OSL shaders.
  • Fixed an issue where missing LUT file is not detected by 3ds Max when loading the scene.
  • Fixed issue where resetting the scene did not sync the default Post Effects settings back to Render View.
  • Fixed issue where files used by animated Proxies and Volume Grids were not reported to 3ds Max as scene assets.
  • Fixed issue where XRef Material did not work when used as an input to another material.
  • XRef Material's "override" parameter (introduced in Max 2016) is now supported.
  • Potential fix for corrupted shaderball previews in Multi/Sub-Object Material parameters UI.
  • Added new "Legacy" parameters (Non-Area Light Intensity, Soft Shadow Technique) on RS lights where applicable. Enabled for existing lights, disabled for newly created lights.
  • Cinema 4D:

  • Added "Non-Area Light Intensity" and "Soft Shadow Technique" options in the new Details/Legacy section of RSLights for certain light types. Existing scenes will preserve the original look.
  • Houdini:

  • Added support for Houdini 19.0.531 and dropped support for 19.0.383.
  • Automatic disabling of mesh/particles deformation motion blur in all the scene's static objects.
  • Katana:

  • Automatic disabling of mesh/curves/point clouds deformation motion blur in all the scene's static objects.
  • Added the documentation and source code of a basic custom display driver to the plugin docs.
  • Plugin updated to let the custom display driver work in batch rendering as well.
  • Minor update in the Sun Light GUI to expose the sun intensity and size parameters.
  • Additional update related to the linked GLEW lib in the Linux build to use the same lib file included in Katana.
  • Hydra (Solaris):

  • Added support for Solaris 19.0.531 and dropped support for 19.0.383.
  • Added support for the native Redshift EXR output files functions, including support for AOVs in the exported RS Proxy scenes.
  • Added support for the "EXR Channel Prefix" option while exporting native EXR files.
  • Fixed a crash while rendering math nodes (or other nodes with multiple internal outputs) as materials.
  • Removed the python dependencies from the Linux build to prevent problems in Solaris py3 or in systems without python 2.7.
  • Fixed a problem with the vertex and user data shader nodes if the attribute name was the default "Cd".
  • Fixed a crash in the OSL node while switching the OSL shader file.
  • Fixed a problem with file type parameters in the OSL nodes.
  • Blender:

  • Fixed error when Hair material slot is empty.
  • Fixed issues related to Puzzle Matte AOV and multilayered EXR output.
  • RenderView:

  • Fixed issues related to switching between Snapshots, color curve control, and LUT's combo box.
  • General (All Supported Software):

  • Fixed bugs introduced in recent versions that could affect lighting, texture processing, proxies, and redshiftCmdLine utility.
  • Updated RSLightSun GUI to expose the sun intensity and size parameters.
  • Fixed an issue in the OSL node that caused code to be deleted if loading was canceled.

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